Clarisa Morana, translator. Oil & gas. Cuisine et vins.

Translation of ideas, not words is the slogan of Idea-Translations. I believe in the translation of the meaning, not the mere words. I offer a complete service of technical translations and food & wine related translations from English, French and Italian into Spanish, based in my wide experience in my specialty areas: Oil & Gas, Food and Wine, Seismic Services, Mechanical Engineering, Medicine, HSE, and Journalism. I believe that, before all, one has to convey the original meaning and take into account the target market. Fast turnaround times, suitable for your tight deadlines. I am profesionnal, devoted to my job, accurate and all my translation jobs are absolutely confidential.

Desktop Publishing

Do you need a fast turnaround time? I will deliver your files in the same file format provided, be it QuarkXPress, FrameMaker, PageMaker, PowerPoint, Publisher, or MS Word.

I guarantee an oustanding technical translation job into Spanish. To assure that quality, I can only accept translation tasks within my specialty range. Upon a client request, I can provide a team of talented and dedicated translators, proofreaders, DTP designers, to cut time into market, and to satisfy all your translations needs.

ATA 60th Annual Conference


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  • Contratistas del Plan Ferroviario Nacional (Venezuela)
  • Symantec
  • CommScope
  • United Press International
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