Oil and Gas

Translation of material on Production and exploration for renowned service companies and organizations: Schlumberger, Dowell, Anadrill, Baker & Hughes, PDVSA, Techint, CGGVeritas, Total, Gasoducto Nor Andino, ECS COnsulting Services, TGN.

We have been doing translations for the oil and gas industry for over 20 years (seismic, exploration, oil services, well logs, drilling, well services, production, and so on). We have translated EPC Agreements, all kinds of Work documents, quality manuals, HSE manuals, marketing brochures, materials for training courses, well reports and risk prevention handbooks, among other material.

Download our glossary: Oil & Gas Terms (English-Spanish)


Geophysic surveys
Piping (gas pipelines, slurry pipelines, etc.)
ISO 9001 Quality Standards
Data processing
Data interpretation
2D, 3D and 4D surveys
Coiled tubing
Work procedures: Radiographic inspection, hydrostatic tests, drilling
Procedimientos de obra: inspección radiográfica, prueba hidrostática, perforación
Well completion, production and stimulation

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